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Healthy Juice Recipes: What Should You Look For?

healthy juice recipesIt seems as if a lot of people are getting into juicing these days for a variety of different reasons. Some people are juicing for weight loss, while others are juicing to increase their overall health. No matter what your ultimate goal is, in addition to a blender or juicer, you will want a wide variety of healthy juices recipes to get you started.

What Is Juicing All About?

If you are wondering just what juicing is all about, it really is nothing new. In fact, people have been juicing in one way or another for hundreds of years to reduce and eliminate the symptoms of illnesses and diseases, to prevent diseases from occurring, to boost the immune system, and of course to lose weight. These days, many people choose juicing as a way to provide your body with additional vitamins and minerals that they normally would not get in their regular diet.

The video below illustrates quite nicely the health benefits of juicing:

Where Can You Find Healthy Juice Recipes?

One of the biggest problems you may have with juicing in general is that it can become tiring very quickly. It takes a fair amount of effort in order to make fresh juices on a daily basis, and you may find yourself getting tired with the same juices day in and day out. Especially if you are going on a juice fast or you are limiting your dietary intake to only juices, then you will want to find some healthy juice recipes that are easy to make before you burn out on drinking the same juices over and over again.

There are several places that you can go to for healthy juice recipes, including juicing and smoothie establishments, who often have a variety of recipes that you can try. There are actually now many juicing books available as well, that will help you getting more ideas as to what different fruits and vegetables you can use in your juices and how to make the preparation and storage of these juices much easier.

What Are The Most Popular Healthy Juice Recipes?

The most popular healthy juice juices tend to be those that are fruit-based, though more and more people are opting for juices made from kale, wheat-grass, and other grains these days. There are a number of benefits to healthy juice recipes that contain grains, and they tend to be lower in sugar than fruit-based juices.

Of course, if you are going to utilize kale or any other type of greens in your juices, then you will need to offset the bitterness with some type of fruit, such as grapes, bananas, or strawberries. You might be surprised at how far a small amount of fruit can go to neutralize the unpleasant taste of greens in a juice.

Many juices that are made in homes around the country today are based on recipes that were developed in juice shops or smoothie shops. Some of these recipes are created solely for taste, while others have a particular intention such as those that are designed to help boost immune function or provide additional energy. In either case, finding a balance between good taste and healthy drinking is what you will find in the most popular juice recipes.

The types of fruits and vegetables that you choose will depend on what is available in your area and may vary at different times of the year. For instance, some people prefer juices that are made with apples, oranges, and strawberries because of their high levels of antioxidants, but those fruits may not be available throughout the year. So, you may find that you choose different types of recipes depending on what fruits and vegetables are in season.

What Will You Need To Get Started?

In order to get started in juicing, you will need healthy juice recipes but also a blender or juicer, and an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables. The type of blender or juicer you buy will depend on just how serious you are about your juicing as you can find some of the more elaborate, professional models can cost upwards of $500 each. However, purchasing an inexpensive juicer may not be the best choice either, since very cheap juicers have a reputation for breaking down very quickly and being difficult to clean.

When you go to your local department or appliance store, you will usually find one or two different types of juicers, and so most people who are pretty serious about juicing will now buy their juicers online. When you buy a high quality juicer, you will usually get some type of recipe book that includes a variety of different types of juicing recipes for different purposes. Some of these are for cleansing, some for weight loss, and some for simply providing your body with more healthy nutrients.

If you want to take your juicing to the next level, you might want to check a software that has 100+ recipes built in for your convenience. This product is very popular for its ease of use, and also for the flexibility that it provides, for you get to minimize your expenses and maximize your time.


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